The Conversation with Jill McMahan

We are a community that seeks to know, love and serve God more as Christian Disciples in Mission who are living beyond sunday. Church does not only happen in a building on Sunday but it is who we are and how we live our faith in the ups and downs of daily life. 
My name is Adam Stein and I am the coordinator of communications here at St. Patrick. 
Brian Cannon, or Coordinator of Evangelization and Family life sits down for a conversation with Jill McMahon. Jill is a licensed professional counselor, who for the last 17 years has specilzed in working with survivors of suicide and generalized grief. She is also a wife, mother, and parishioner of our parish and has spoken at Home Field Advantage, youth ministry programs, and more. The last time she was on a podcast with us, we focused on the increasing depression and anxiety experienced by our youth in a time where our community was recognizing an increase in suicides among our youth. In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, we face new issues, especially as we look at the mental health of our communities during this time. Jill and Brian talk about these challenges, touching on all areas from its effect on the family, children, youth, adults, seniors, care givers, ministers and clergy. From ideas to practical advice you can put in practice right away, the conversation reminds us to be united, to share positivity in a pandemic, and to look for genuine encounter moments. Welcome to the Conversation...